A-Board Signs

Harmony-Ice-1.jpg: 350x600, 55k (August 26, 2016, at 07:01 PM)

Visual Impulse offer a wide range of A-Boards for all types of businesses, from those in use in shopping centres to permanent outdoor display in the high street. You will find some signed examples in our gallery.

One of the most popular A-board ranges is the Swinger Family. Starting from the entry level Eco Swinger through the 2000, 3000 and 4000 families. These are all very popular for displaying a permanent message and widely used by retail. There is also a poster option available for the 2000-4000 models for those customers who require the flexibility to change their sales messages regularly, or run special promotions.

In addition to the Swinger Family you will find other makes and models on display in our showroom.

Level.gif: 700x525, 257k (August 26, 2016, at 07:01 PM) Swinger 3000
Fully designed and signed Swinger 3000 A-Board.

NB: This model has a water filled base and wheels for ease of moving.

Normans.gif: 394x525, 114k (August 26, 2016, at 07:01 PM) Swinger 2000
Fully designed and signed Swinger 2000 A-Board.

This model has a solid rubber base.

Sizes for Swinger Range

Sizes for Swinger Range stated below along with display panel sizes.

ModelOverall SizePanel Display SizePoster Display Size
Eco811mm x 534625mm x 430mmN/A
Eco 2936mm x 534750mm x 430mmN/A
2000940mm x 600750mm x 500mmA2
30001119mm x 688917mm x 588mm20" x 30"
40001191mm x 774N/AA1