The vast majority of customers do not buy signs every day, but do have a vision of how they would like their new sign to look. The difficulty is, they are often unsure of how it can be created and the costs involved. It is for this reason we created our showroom. It’s an Aladdin’s cave, full of all the items necessary to create your sign, exhibition stand or promotion display. The following items are always on display, so you will not be disappointed if you turn up on the off chance:

  • Comprehensive range of exterior/interior finished signs
  • Selection of A-Boards
  • Letters – acrylic, moulded, fabricated, stainless steel, vinyl
  • Materials – acrylic, aluminium, aluminium composite, foam board, specialist laminates
  • Digital graphics – banners, posters, light box films, specialist media
  • Cable and rod systems for window/wall/free hanging displays and acrylic pockets
  • Exhibition graphics wall (pop-up) system, free standing 3 tire display
  • Promotional carpets and textiles

So, now you know – pop in and be inspired


If you already have and can supply professional artwork (see note below) then we will rearrange it to suit the type of product you have requested.

However, if you don’t, we are happy to work from your concept sketches and ideas developed during your visit to create your required design, whether it’s basic text, a full brand logo or vehicle fleet livery.

If you would like/want to be fully involved in the creative process, you can pre-book the design studio for a one-to-one consultation working interactively to develop your ideas.

We use two principal design software packages - Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign) and our Specialist Signage Package to create the following types of signage:

  • Shop Fronts
  • Vehicles
  • Exterior/Interior signs
  • Banners/Posters
  • Stickers/Decals
  • Window Displays
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Boats
  • and a whole lot more...

Note: As we are generally significantly increasing the scale of your artwork to suit a vehicle, large banner, we ideally need your artwork in a vector format, where all the shapes are vector components and all the text has been converted to outlines/curves. Our preferred file format is eps (encapsulated postscript) saved at Illustrator version 13 (Creative Suite 3) or lower for PC. Where colours are critical, then do please quote Pantone reference numbers. If this all sounds double dutch, then just put us in touch with your designer and we will sort it all out.

Digital Printing

All the gallery pictures on this website that feature graphics as part of their design have been printed in-house on our wide format solvent inkjet printer. The printer can accept a roll width of 1600mm and typical roll lengths of 25–50 metres – so a long banner isn’t a problem.

The printer uses a 6 ink colour configuration – cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta. The additional light colours give us an excellent colour gamut range, enabling very accurate colour reproduction across a wide range of media, including but not limited to:

  • 70µ Gloss White Adhesive Vinyl
  • 70µ Gloss Clear Adhesive Vinyl
  • 550 g/m˛ Banner
  • 300gsm Pop-up (exhibition wall)
  • 200gsm Roller Banner
  • 200gsm Poster Paper
  • Backlight Light Box Film
  • and other speciality media...


We have our own on-site manufacturing workshop and adjacent covered vehicle bay. The vast majority of items we manufacture are all produced and assembled in-house.

This is our choice, as we firmly believe in being in control of QUALITY and achieve a Get It Right First Time – Every Time philosophy of working.

This approach also extends out to our very carefully selected range of external suppliers.

The workshop is home to our production equipment - vinyl plotters, decal printer and cutter and our wide format solvent inkjet printer. The building is fully air conditioned to maintain a consistent production environment.


In the majority of cases we carry out the installation ourselves, the exceptions being large projects, or those with special needs, when we call upon the services of specialist installers. In all cases we will always be on-site to oversee the whole installation and ensure everything is carried out in accordance with our exacting standards of workmanship.


We can arrange delivery and shipment of your goods using our UK Mail account. Where the item is very delicate/large and would probably require a dedicated packaging crate for safe transportation, as an alternative, we can arrange a van and driver to deliver your goods door-to-door throughout the UK.


Looking around at the vast array of signage in all its forms it appears that the majority of owners rely on ‘Mother Nature’ to keep their sign clean and a good storm now and again can do a reasonable job. However, the daily grime takes its toll. Just like your car, in the end it needs a good clean and polish, plus some periodic maintenance to keep in good order. This is equally true with signs, dirt becomes engrained, lighting tubes gradually drop off in performance, or a tube fails and occasionally a letter becomes loose/lost etc.

It's far better to periodically assess how your sign is looking and before it gets out of hand, arrange for us to pop along and attend to it.

We will be pleased to provide a quotation to carry out a blanket tube/starter replacement, clean the sign and check the integrity of sign components, or just clean and check for simple signs.

Call today for a quotation, or to set up a regular maintenance programme.